Agilexi launches SAP HANA Discovery Workshops

Discover how SAP HANA can improve your profitability and reduce costs

The Agilexi SAP HANA Discovery Workshop provides a first hand insight on how SAP HANA can provide significant competitive advantage.

Our workshops will give you an independent view of:

  • How can SAP HANA help you drive profitability and reduce costs throughs real-time business insight?
  • What are the capabilities and limitations of SAP HANA?
  • What is the upgrade path that is best suited for your organisation based on ROI?
Workshop Features
  • We will arrive onsite with an enterprise grade SAP HANA appliance running the latest software release
  • SAP HANA sizing and installation done by consultants with industry leading experience
  • Realistic evaluation of SAP HANA with real customer data
  • Realise real-time analytics on SAP HANA powered BI
  • Business and IT functions learn and experience the key aspects of the SAP HANA Solution
  • Rapid, low risk and Independent business value validation
  • Prepare business case for more detailed Proof of Concept or actual deployment

Our SAP HANA solution is based on a SAP Certified, scalable and highly resilient enterprise IBM / Intel Xeon 10-core architecture.

Call us on +44 20 7100 7687 or email to discuss how our workshops can help you to realise the benefits of real-time insight

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